How to Register Google Adsense through Non Hosted sites

How to register google adsense you can actually do use a hosted site account or non-hosted sites or sites with a top level domain (TLD), both have a chance to be accepted, the site hosted the intention is google adsense registration through the intermediary sites still one host with Google, this time hosted sites that have access to a list of google adsense or google adsense host partner is blogspot and youtube, using one of these two sites we can register google adsense, while the non-hosted sites are sites that we are hosting in person, in general domains hosted sites can be determined usually ends .COM, .org, etc. with non-hosted website we can pull through google adsense registration, if we apply through a hosted site, such as through blogs berflatfrom blogspot or via, then our google adsense account is hosted google adsense account, whereas if we apply google adsense through non-hosted site or site with a personal domain, then google adsense account that we could have called google adsense account non-hosted.
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This time through this article I will try to describe how to apply google adsense through non-hosted sites or sites with top-level domain, following the steps that you can do in order to be accepted greater opportunities:

1. Read the Google AdSense Policy
The first thing you should do before the list is read google adsense google adsense policies beforehand, by reading these policies at least you can review your site, whether it is feasible to be registered or not, if not you should fix your site’s content in advance, so that opportunities to be accepted into a more wide open.

2. Use the Top Level Domain Site
After you read the policies google adsense at least you can assess, on the top level domain sites you like, please choose one of the top level domain of your site that roughly correspond with google adsense policy. and should use the top level domain of the site that the site before you create using free blog berflatform blogspot.

3. Use the Default Template Blogspot
Lots of free templates result of the modification, meaning that the template is very different from the default template provided by the blog is concerned, to the list of google adsense using a non-hosted websites to be easily accepted you should use the default template from blogspot, please select the template blog simple, and not too complicated.

4. Prepare completeness blog
The next step before you register google adsense through non-hosted sites that are quickly accepted, prepare all matters relating to the terms easily accepted by google adsense, namely:

a. Site navigation
Site navigation are things related to how each article of your blog is easy to access and read by users, some site navigation is important to your blog, or a related post related post, recent posts, popular posts, blog archive, and menu- menu related to the category of your blog posts, before applying for google adsense at least 2 of the widget above is mounted on your blog.

b. Page-page support
It is recommended if you choose to apply google adsense through non-hosted sites, should we prepare the pages of supporting as one sayarat order our easy registration google adsense approve, pages that should exist are: page about, contact, privacy policy, disclaimer and sitemap, the pages must be present for your site look professional and serious site, but if you sign up through the hosted sites such as through blogs berflatform blogspot, the pages should be there or not, because in my experience personal blog without these pages can still be accepted.

5. Do not forget to register your site in google google webmaster tools and Analytical
Please list your site on google and google webmaster tools Analytic, Google Analytic allows you to monitor user activity on your site, while Google webmaster tool allows you to monitor activity or google search engine bots to your website, by registering to the site, it signifies your blog is a serious blog that are well maintenance, and google likes it.

6. Create quality content
Quality content is original and informative content for readers and not the result of copy and paste, you do not ever register a site where the content of the article is the result of copy and paste, even though you may have received a google adsense, but your website is very vulnerable to be banned google adsense, many bloggers that you cheated may result in a report to the google about your stolen article. so it is advisable if you want to google account adsens merumur long and well-worth should avoid making copy and paste articles results.

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Have you prepared some quality articles, long and useful it would be better, to ensure the quality of your article please check

7. Factors Age blog
For some cases your site or blog age as corn is still acceptable, but I suggest you should not be too hasty to register adsense, whereas the age of your blog for example less than one week, you should wait until your site is old enough, wait until the age of 2 weeks or more and the content is enough, the older age it will increasingly have the opportunity to be accepted.

8. Factor Blog Visitors
Looks like the blog visitors do not become the main reference receipt of google adsense, some cases proving that the blog without any visitor can still be accepted, but of course it would be better if you have a blog or website to have visitors. and visitors to any time should be your priority. so if your blog is quite aged and pengunungnya still very little, just please register your site, you will still likely to be accepted google adsense.

If you are prepared suadah above requirement, please register your site to the google adsense

Registration Peoses google adsense generally consists of two phases only, the first stage of a review of the feasibility of your site, it usually takes 1 to 24 hours, the appropriateness of your site at this stage you will be notified by email, if your site as feasible then you normally will lead second stage you will be asked to put your adsense ad unit code, please take your adsense ad unit code on google account adsnese and install it in your site, it is recommended to use widgets attach these ads in advance, choose the top side of the post.

For the second stage review period continued I suggest you often to update the article, before me personally at this stage trying to publish articles 2 to 4 articles per day. usually preview will take up to one week, at this stage there will be a decision if you are accepted or full approve or not, a notification will be sent via email that you registered, if you are rejected until this stage, please note the contents of any refusal and should please you correct according to what is suggested by google adsense through the rejection email, wait a few weeks, if your site has certainly been improved, you can re-register, until your site is really acceptable.

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