Ahok: Kalau Ditakdirkan Benahi Jakarta, Saya Tak Bisa Diturunkan !!

Ahok very aware of many who do not like him, especially the civil servants. But he believes if that fate would, no one can be lowered from the post of Governor of Jakarta.

“If I am destined to fix Jakarta, you can not drop me. I will continue to work,” said Ahok in the presence of 649 new officials of the city government at City Hall, Jakarta, Monday (05/18/2015).

Men’s full name Basuki Purnama Tjahaja admitted can not allow public money squandered away without a clear purpose. Including the public money used to recite PNS. So he did not want no lazy civil servants actually got a big salary in Jakarta.

“So if the father’s mother did not suit me, there’s still time gubernatorial election in February 2017. You must start a campaign do not choose me,” said Ahok.

Therefore Ahok reminded the civil servants from the beginning to no longer play around as long as he was still in office. Because of the threat of dismissal is in sight.

“And I already bear this position, so I do not want to resign. I know why there were internal, external, started playing hokey, go ahead,” challenged Ahok

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