Paus ordains 2 Female Palestinian So Saints

Pope Francis officially ordain two Palestinian women become saints or the saint. A process known as canonization is done to Marie-Alphonsine Danil Ghattas and Maryam Baouardy.

Marie is a nurse Palestinian origin who founded the convent of the Holy Rosary in Jerusalem as well as the first Arab Christian congregation in her hometown. While, Mary is a woman of Bethlehem who is the founder of Carmelite nuns.

This sacred ceremonies performed in St. Peter’s Basilica. Palestinian leaders like President Mahmoud Abbas also attended the event.

In its official statement, the leader of the world’s Catholics call Marie and Mary deserves the title saint. Because of their lives in Palestine in the 1800s is a good example, not only for Christians but for Muslims and Jews.

“(The canonization of two Palestinian women) this is a sign of modern times. Where we can talk about various religions without discrimination,” said the Pope, as quoted from Reuters, Sunday (17/05/2015).

The Pope added that the canonization also represents the new history. Therefore, since the days of the apostles never existed two Palestinians were ordained so saint or a saint.

President Abbas after the ceremony, welcomed this process. He explained, canonization is very important for the formation of a sovereign Palestinian state and are based equality.

“Our determination is to establish a sovereign Palestinian, independent, free and based on the principle of equal citizenship,” said Abbas

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